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Live like God in France”, say the Germans.

“The great merit of the Germans is that of filling up their time well; the art of the French is to make it pass unnoticed” is how Madame de Staël, a French writer and philosopher (1766-1817), analysed things.

What’s for sure is that exchanges and cooperation between both countries have borne fruit in many areas. So let’s find out what’s happening on the other side of the Rhine!

Our « cultural » activity hub can be broken down into three areas :



in reaching out to German-speaking partners or in your activities abroad:

  • a training module for companies: “How to succeed in your German dealings”
  • accompanying delegations during trips or tradeshows abroad
  • welcoming your clients or partners in France.



As a trainer and intercultural adviser approved by the Franco-German Office for Youth FGYO*, I accompany the organisers of exchange and meeting programmes and oversee European exchanges, especially Franco-German ones, for young people or young adults in vocational training.

* You can find all the information at the bottom of this page.



Acting as a guide for French-speaking, German-speaking or English-speaking groups or individuals, particularly in the Nîmes / Montpellier / Provence / Camargue region.

This could include…

  • excursions set up by tour operators, incoming agencies, etc.
  • customised activities depending on interest, needs and desired pace (e.g. “Camargue Horses” for horse riders, “Lavender in flower”, etc.).


Some visit examples